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I haven't seen that many waterfalls in Slovenia but of the ones I have seen there is only one with a respectable volume: slap Boka.

I don't think Slovenia is a country with tremendous powerful waterfalls. I have seen pictures of slap Govic erupting with so many water, that is unbelievable. Unfortunately it is very rare that you can see this waterfall (after a long periode with heavy rain).

Nevertheless I made a top 10 of powerful waterfalls in Slovenia. Enjoy my list "top 10 biggest waterfalls of Slovenia"

Nr 1 biggest waterfall in Slovenia:
Slap Boka - from 2 to 100 m3/sec

Slap Boka is the mightiest and most impressive waterfall in Slovenia (certainly in springtime) with a significant volume. The waterfall has a consistent flow (avg 2m3/sec), but gets very powerful after heavy rainfall or in spring when snow is melting down the mountains.

Martuljkovi slapovi

2. Martuljkovi slapovi

Gozd Martuljek, Gorenjska - Jesenice

Slap Sum-vintgar-gorge

3. Slap Sum

Podhom, Gorenjska - Radovljica

4. Slap Brinta

Selce, Goriška - Tolmin

Slap Peričnik

5. Slap Peričnik

Mojstrana, Gorenjska - Jesenice

Slap Savica

6. Slap Savica

Ukanc, Gorenjska - Radovljica

7. slap Gregorčičev

Selce, Goriška - Tolmin

Slap Susec

8. Slap Sušec

Srpenica, Goriška - Tolmin

Slap Virje-above

9. Slap Virje

Plužna, Goriška - Tolmin

10. (Slap Govic)*

Ukanc, Gorenjska - Radovljica