(Lehner wasserfall)

The Lehnerfall or Lehner wasserfall is one of the bigger waterfall in the Oetztal near the village Lehn/Längenfeld in the region Tirol, Austria.

Driving on the main road near Lehn/Langenfeld, follow the signs for Heimatmuseum. At the end there is a small parking lot (where you have to pay).

From the parking lot of the Heimatsmuseum in Lehn you can reach the waterfall in 20-30 minutes (15 minutes to the start of the Klettersteig, info here). From the southside of the river Lehnbach a trail leads to a suspension bridge, there are signs. From here (still on the southside of the river) a path leads to a nice viewpoint. The last part of the trail can be steep where you have to ascend 200 meters over stairs and a small path.

The view from the Lehnerfall (Lehner wasserfall) is magnificant, looking into the Oetztal with another great waterfall on the other side of the valley.

The Lehnerfall (Lehner wasserfall) is a great waterfall with a nice volume and is easy accessible, although the path can sometimes be steep.  The Lehnerfall (Lehner wasserfall) falls towards the east and can best be visited in the morning in the early summer.

The Lehnerfall (Lehner wasserfall) is 90 meters high (measured with a laser meter), lies on an altitude of 1.370 meters and is fed by the river Lehnbach. The 90 meters is only the visible single drop, but the river Lehnbach keeps on cascading down, so in total it must be much higher.
The river Lehnbach has its origin in a mountain range of 28 kilometers called Geigenkamm with lots of small lakes and a few small glaciers. The highest peak is the Hohe Geige (3395 meters) but there are several mountain peaks above the 3.000 meters.

Since 2014 there is an official “Klettersteig” parcourcs heading down the Lehnerfall (Lehner wasserfall). Klettersteig is a sort of rock climbing along and through a waterstream.

There are several other waterfalls in the Oetztal but the Stuibenfall is the most beautiful and biggest of all. The Stuibenfall can be found in the beginning of the Oetztal near Umhausen. Another great waterfall is the Tumpener wasserfall or the Rotmoos wasserfall at Obergurgl.

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About Lehnerfall

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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Bichlrinne wasserfall 9 km
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Tumpener wasserfall 11 km
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