Cascada de la Larri

Cascada de la Larri near Cascada del Cinca is one of the bigger waterfall in Spain with a total height of appr 180 meters. The source of the river rio de la Larri lies high in the mountains at two small lakes on an altitude of 2.540 meters (circo de la Munia).

Cascada de la Larri is located near the mountain Monte Perdidio in Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido, in the region Aragon-Huesca, Spain.

You can access the Pineta valley from Bielsa. Take the exit Parador de Monte Perdido/Valle de Pineta in Bielsa. Follow the road (14 kilometer) to the very end and park the car here. The road is open all year, there’s a Parador (luxury) hotel at the end of the road.

At the parking you have several options:
– You decide to walk to the lower part of Cascade de la Larri and have a far distance view on Cascade de la Cinca. This ia only a short walk but with an ascend of 200 meter. I think the walk takes appr. 20-25 minutes.
– Second option is to make a roundtrip that goes along Cascade de la Larri, a nice (nearby) viewpoint on Cascade de la Cinca and then back to the car. This is appr a 6,5 km walk taking 3 hours.
– Last option is almost the same as the previous option, but now you also go to the upper part of Cascade de la Larri. I think this an extra 30-40 minutes. From the lower part you have to ascend along the river until you are at a meadow. You can see the upper part of teh waterfall in the distance but it takes another 20 minutes to arrive at the base of the upper part of Cascade de la Larri.

The river de la Larri cascades down over numerous cascades creating a long stretched waterfall of 180 meters. It is possible to walk up along the river la Larri to Refugio de la Larri (1.560 m). Here you also see the upper part of Cascade de la Larri.

I am not sure which of the waterfalls is nicer: the lower Cascada de Larri or the upper Cascada de Larri? Judge yourself.

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About Cascada de la Larri

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
LocationBielsa-Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido
RiverRio de la Larri
Height20m +180m
Best visitLate spring- early summer

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