Cascade de la Culaz

(Cascade de la Cula)

Cascade de la Culaz (sometimes written as Cascade de la Cula) is a nice waterfall near Cerdon ik the region Ain, France.

On maps you will see two waterfalls with the same name but the biggest waterfall is located in a tribute stream of the river Veyron. After rainfall you already can see this impressive waterfall from a far distance (even from road D11 Cascade de la Culaz is clearly visible) . It is only a one hour drive (75 kilometer) from Lyon.

Cascade de la Culaz can be accessed from a small road that starts at ‘Rue de Balme’ in Cerdon. You can park your car somewhere in Cerdon or at a parking with public toilets, gps 46.080564, 5.465482. From here it is a 15 minute walk (1.2 kilometer) to a viewpoint close to the base of Cascade de la Culaz. Another 5 minutes if you want to climb up to the base of the waterfall.

I saw several old postcards with Cascade de la Culaz on it, where the waterfall looked very impressive. probably it was already a tourist attraction a hundred years ago. I am not sure if the waterflow is very consistent but after rainfall you will like the 70-90 meter drop of the waterfall.

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About Cascade de la Culaz

RiverX (la Veyron)
Best visitAfter rainfall

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