Cascata do Poço Negro

Cascata do Poço Negro is small but scenic waterfall near Sernadinha (Manhouce) in the region Viseu, Portugal.

In Sernadinha there is a small sign for Poço Negro. A small road leads to the waterfall. There are several pockets in the road where you can park your car. From the road it is a short walk to the scenic Cascata do Poço Negro.

I am not sure when the best time is to visit Cascata do Poço Negro. A few hundred meter upstream there is a dam. So it seems the waterfall is regulated.

Poço Negro means black well is a perfect spot for a swim.

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About Cascata do Poço Negro

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
LocationSernadinha, Manhouce
RiverRio Teixeira
Best visitRegulated

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