Cascate di Mezzo

(Cascate di Vallesinella, Cascate Alte, Cascate Basse)

Cascate di Mezzo is the biggest waterfall in Vallesinella, just south of Madonna di Campiglio, in the region Trentino – Alto Adige (Südtirol), Italy.

Madonna di Campiglio is one of the famous wintersport places with a worldcup ski contest. From the city center of Madonna di Campiglio drive south to the roundabout. There follow a small sign for Vallesinella. Follow the road for another 3,7 km until a big parking shows up. From the parking there are several trails leading into the valley of Vallesinella.

Map-trail cascate di Mezzo
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Although there are several waterfalls in the valley, Cascate di Mezzo is located not far from the parking and near Hotel/restaurant Vallesinella. Cascate di Mezzo is also the biggest waterfall in the valley. The waterfall cascades down over several stages over 120 meter. From the parking walk a little back the road until you see the trail at your left side. It is less the a 1 km walk to a viewpoint on Cascate di Mezzo. There is a platform with picnic facilities at the bottom of the waterfall.

There are several other waterfalls in Vallesinella that are plunging down from the mountains. The river Sarca di Vallesinella plunges down over 500 meter creating three major waterfalls:

  1. The upper waterfall is called Cascate Alte or Cascate di Sopra and is located above the mountain hut Vallesinella.
  2. The one in the middle is the biggest and is called Cascate di Mezzo and is the biggest waterfall.
  3. The lower fall is called Cascate di Sotto. There are also a few smaller waterfalls named waterfalls, one of the smaller ones is called Cascate Basse. The general name for all waterfalls is Cascate di Vallesinella.

The water of the river is being fed with melting water of snow and some small glaciers on the mountain Cima Brent (3150 m).

Nearby there are several other waterfalls in Valle Genova with the famous Cascata di Nardis and many other nice waterfalls. A must to visit.

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About Cascate di Mezzo

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationMadonna di Campiglio
RiverSarca di Vallesinella
Best visitEarly summer

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