Fallbachfall (Absam)

The Fallbachfall is a waterfall near Absam-Hall in Tirol in the region Tirol/Austria.

The water of the river Fallbach drops down over a cliff and ends 40 meters below before it ends in the river Inn. From Absam-Hall in Tirol a small road leads to Wiesenhof and Saint Martin. Before Wiesenhof you will cross the river Fallbach. A trail leads to the lower waterfall. Keep left and try to walk at the westside of the river until the trail ends at the Fallbachfall. I don’t think you can see the upper part of the Fallbach.

A nice time to visit the Fallbachfall is early in the morning when there is a contrast between the shade and the sun on the Fallbachfall. When taking pictures you will photograph towards the north.

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About Fallbachfall (Absam)

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationAbsam-Hall in Tirol
Best visitEarly summer

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