In the summer of 2016 I visited Gudvangen for the fourth time and every time I noticed a waterfall at the left of Gudvangen in the Naeroyfjord. Every time I thought it was a temporary waterfall that only can be seen after rainfall, but I changed my mind.

Actually the Hestanesfossen (a name I gave to the waterfall) is pretty amazing. If you look closer at the pictures you notice people walking in front of the waterfall and they look to tiny, so fragile. I think the Hestanesfossen is more powerful then you think from a distance.

When I look closer at the map the waterfall must be higher then 100 meter. From Gudvangen you will have a good view on the waterfall but it is even nicer to take a boat tour with the ferryboat.

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About Hestanesfossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane

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