The Hirzbachfall is a waterfall along road 107 (Grossglocknerstrasse) near the small village Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse in the region Salzburg, Austria.

From Fusch a trail starts at the westside of the valley which lead along and around the Hirzbachfall. The Hirzbachfall consist out of 2 major stages with a manmade iron bridge in the middle of the Hirzbachfall. A roundtrip is possible and shouldn’t take that long. Some parts of the trail can be a little bit steep.

Best time to visit the Hirzbachfall is early morning in summertime. The Hirzbachfall falls towards the east and the total height is over 80 meters high (lower and upper fall)

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About Hirzbachfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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