Klockelebach wasserfall

The Klockelebach wasserfall is an unknown and unnamed waterfall near Stillebach/Pitztal in the region Tirol. The river Klockelebach cascades down the mountains over only 2,4 kilometers but is impressive to see. The river Klockelebach is being fed by melted snow and a small glacier at an altitude of 3000 meters.

The Klockelebach wasserfall can be found on the east side of the valley in Stillebach/Pitztal and is already visible from a distance, from road L16.

From Stillebach there is a small trail to the bottom of the Klockelebach wasserfall where you can sit on a bench and enjoy the thundering sound of the Klockelebach wasserfall. Although it is an unnamed waterfall, it looks impressive and is worthwhile to visit in summertime.

The Klockelebach wasserfall falls towards the west. From late in the morning/midday the sun is over the mountaintops and sun rays lightens the Klockelebach wasserfall. A good time to visit this beautiful waterfall.

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About Klockelebach wasserfall

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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