Stuibenfall (Umhausen)

The Stuibenfall in Umhausen is one of the biggest waterfalls in Tirol, Austria and is located in the Ötztal, south of the village Umhausen. There are signs heading to a big parking lot just outside Umhausen, you can’t miss it. You have to pay for the parking but the entrance is free.

Stuibenfall, Umhausen, Ötztal, Austria.From the parking you can reach the first viewpoint, near the Stuibenfall, in 25-30 minutes. The trail leads through a forrest and is easy, suitable for families with children. From the lower platform a path goes up to three other platforms/viewpoint before you reach a suspension bridge at the top of the Stuibenfall. From here you can descend to platform 5 at the north side of the Stuibenfall.

For people who really can’t get enough of the Stuibenfall: when returned at the car, go left towards Niederthai until you reach a viewpoint where you can see the Stuibenfall from above.

Stuibenfall, Umhausen, Ötztal, Tirol, AustriaWithout a doubt the Stuibenfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Austria. With a falling height of 159 meters in two stages and a volume of 600-2000 liters per second this also one of the most powerful waterfalls in Austria. Even in wintertime (last 3 pictures) the Stuibenfall stays impressive. In summertime the power of the Stuibenfall is on its maximum. Pictures 7-11 are taken at the beginning of August 2015, the warmest summer ever with weeks of temperatures above 30C.

The Stuibenfall falls towards the southwest and from noon the sun shines on the Stuibenfall.

Every wednesday, from May to October, the Stuibenfall is illuminated until midnight. In this period there are also organized lantern walks to the Stuibenfall, great for children. Admission 4 euro per person and children for free. More information you will find on the website

Other great waterfalls in the Ötztal are: Lehnerfall, Tumpener wasserfall and the Rotmoos wasserfall. All great waterfalls belonging to the most beautiful waterfalls in Austria. More information about waterfalls in Austria you can see on my “Google map Waterfalls in Austria

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  • 26 July 2017 at 15:15

    Thank you for the info. Thanks to it, I opened this waterfall to myself and explored the area around.
    It is really need to be visited from noon time.


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