Mealt falls

(Kilt Rock Waterfall)

Mealt Falls - Isle of SkyeMealt falls (also named Kilt Rock Waterfall) is a truly extraordinary waterfall. The water of Loch Mealt plunges down 55 meters, over the cliffs of Kilt rock, directly into the Atlantic Ocean. The waterfall is being fed by water from the Loch Mealt which find it’s source in the nearby hills.

Mealt falls are located 24 kilometer north of Portree, along road A855 on the Isle of Skye in Scotland (United Kingdom). When driving over road A855 you can’t miss the exit to the Mealt falls. There is a big (new) parking where you have to pay, even for a short parking.

The parking  lies directly along the walking promenade with several viewpoint on the sea and the Mealt falls. The best view is not directly above the waterfall but 10-20 meters further where you can see all 55 meters of the Mealt falls. From the sea you will have the best view, but how to get a boat…?

If you look in the background you will see sheer cliffs formed of basalt. The basalt cliffs forms a ripple effect that looks like a traditional Highland kilt. This is why the Mealt falls also are known as the Kilt rock waterfall, although the rock formation lies further north.

When we visited the waterfall in the summer of 2023, it rained a lot the weeks before (even the hours before), but still there wasn’t much water in the waterfall. I think in a dry summer the waterfall might dry out….

The Mealt fall is formed by the outflow of Loch Mealt, which plunges over sheer cliffs and drops 55 meters to the rocky shore below, directly into the sea. Mealt falls is also an important habitat for wildlife. The rocks and cliffs provide a home for seabirds such as guillemots and razorbills. The waterfall also attracts salmon, which swim upstream to spawn in Loch Mealt.

South of the Mealt falls there is another great waterfall, situated in a gorge, the 90 meters high Lealt waterfall.

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About Mealt falls

CountryWaterfalls in United Kingdom
LocationIsle of Skye
RiverLoch Mealt
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall

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