(Bestwig wasserfall)

Plästerlegge (also called Bestwig wasserfall) is the highest waterfall in Hochsauerland, near Bestwig in the region Nordrhein-Westfalens, Germany.

From Meschede drive to Brilon (road 46>7). Halfway, in Bestwig, you have to take a right turn after the supermarkt REWE (Hauptstrasse) to Ostwig. Keep following the road to Gevelinghausen. Just before Gevelinghausen go right (Wiggeringhausen). Just outside Wiggeringhausen (gps 51.301033, 8.446293) a trail begins to the bottom of Plästerlegge (Bestwig wasserfall). There is no official parking but this is the shortest and easiest route.

It is also possible to walk to Plästerlegge (Bestwig wasserfall) from camping site Aurora near Fort Fun Abenteuerland. The path from there has sign but can be slippery and goes down (15-20 min).

Plästerlegge (Bestwig wasserfall) can be a nice waterfall and is appr 20 meter high. It can be that the waterfall runs dry. Best time to visit Plästerlegge is in a rainy period like Autumn.

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About Plästerlegge

LocationBestwig, Hochsauerland
Best visitAfter rainfall, autumn

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