The waterfall, Ringedalsfossen (also called Skjeggedalsfossen) with a free fall of 300 m, are today regulated and can only be seen when there is overflow in the reservoirs above. But this happens several times a year. I have seen lot of pictures of the Ringedalsfossen, so with a little bit of luck you are one of the few to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Norway. I rated the fall 4 out of 5 stars!

The Ringedalsfossen is a waterfall in the river Nybuåni which is fed by numerous small and bigger lakes on altitudes to 1.500 meters.

The Ringedalsfossen is situated at the end of the Ringedalsvatnet near the small village of Tyssedal, municipality Odda/Hordaland. From Odda it is a 6km drive to the north, over road 13 before you reach Tyssedal.

From Tyssedal you can drive up to P2 (parking) from where there is a trail along the Ringedalsdammen from where you have to follow the north shore of the Ringedalsvatnet. At the end you should have a good view in the fall in the distance. It is a 2,5-3 hour hike to the end of the trail. Probably you also can bike along the lake. The trail looks in a good condition.

Another possibility is to drive up to P3 (you have to make a reservation for the parking) from where you can walk to Tolltunga in 4 hours/10 kilometer (one way). At the end of the walk you have an awesome view  from a height looking down to the lake and the waterfall.

Near the Ringedalsfossen there used to be a very tall waterfall, a legend, the Tyssestrengene. This was one of the highest free fall waterfalls in the world. There is only one big but….it is regulated and there aren’t any recent photo’s of the waterfall.

Do not worry, there are dozens of great waterfalls in the area of Odda still flowing: LåtefossenEspelandsfossen, Langfoss, Vidfoss, Aednafossen,StrondsfossenTjørnadalsfossen, SkrikjofossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen, Tveitafossen and the Søtefossen.

Image1 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/vasskraftmuseet/
Image2 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/opedal/

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About Ringedalsfossen

Best visitAfter a period of heavy rainfall

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Tyssestrengene 4 km
Skrikjofossen 24 km
Tjornadalsfossen 24 km
Rjukandefoss 24 km
Sotefossen 25 km