Rjukandefoss (Hemsedal)

(Rjukanfossen, Rjukandefossen)

The Rjukandefoss is certainly one of the most beautiful and photogenic waterfall in Norway. Everything about the Rjukandefoss is perfect. The amount of water in the river Hemsila is quit impressive. The location (in a small gorge) and surrounding of the waterfall is beautiful. Last but not least the green/blue color of the water is the finishing touch for a perfect picture.

The Rjukandefoss can be found 7 kilometers west of the town Hemsedal along road 52, near Tuv (Buskerud). There is a parking along the the road, opposite of camping Rjukandefossen (which looked desolated to me…).

Rjukandefossen-walkFrom the parking there is path (with a small sign), leading through the forrest directly to the waterfall. The trail starts with a warning sign not to swim at the waterfall. If you see the power of the the Rjukandefoss this seems quit logical to me….

Within 5 minutes (200 meters) you reach a suspension bridge over the river Hemsila with a good view on the tiny gorge and waterfall. The path is good and the Rjukandefoss is easy to access, perfect for visiting with children.

Rjukandefossen gorgeAt the waterfall I first walked to the right where you have the best view on the Rjukandefoss. Then walk back to the suspension bridge, cross it and go right walking towards the Rjukandefoss. Here you have a good view on the gorge and the wild water squeezing itself through the gorge. After a 100 meter you arrive at another viewpoint.

In July 2017 I visited the waterfall late in the afternoon but conditions still where perfect to shoot beautiful pictures. Unfortunately there where hardly any people. It is difficult to capture the power and beauty of a waterfall on a photo. Sometimes it helps to place people near the waterfall.

The Rjukandefoss is a twin waterfall: the river Hemsila drops down over 10 meter (total height 18 meter) and is in the early summer/summertime powerful enough to create a awesome scenery.

Hemsedal is a popular region by tourists and it is the largest skiing area of Norway (43 pistes). In summertime it isn’t so crowded an there are many hotels an facilities. The villages looked quit desolated and didn’t attracted me much.

Nearby you can find the highest waterfall of Buskerud, Hydnefossen with a single drop of 155 meter, but less beautiful then the 18 meter high Rjukandefoss.

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About Rjukandefoss (Hemsedal)

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer-Summer

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