Schreyenbachfall (Linthal)The Schreyenbachfall used to be an huge waterfall in the region of Linthal, but since 1964 there is a power plant which reduces the flow to zero. But! since a few years the waterfall flows 22 days in summertime. From 2015 the water falls 45 days a year: There is hope.

The Schreyenbachfall is located near Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern. From Linthal drive to Tierfehd until you see the waterfall at the right side of the road, its can’t miss (if there is water in the waterfall). I love the view from a distance with typical Swiss houses and a meadow in front of the waterfall. In the back you see some mountains and snow.

When driving closer to the waterfall views will change and then you can see exactly how powerful the Schreyenbachfall can be. I think this waterfall was one of my favorites when visiting Switzerland July 2021. I didn’t know what to expect and the sky was clear blue with a yellow helicopter flying by.

There is no parking along the road but it is a very quit road where you can stop for a short while. 

There are more waterfall in direct proximity. Near the parking at the power plant, there is also a very tall waterfall in the river Wildwüeschtibach. Not very impressive (low volume) and the path was closed when I was nearby. You can visit the Linthalschlucht with several nice waterfalls, a must to see!

On the way back to the main road you also can see a small part of one of the tourist spots in the area: the Berglistüber wasserfall. A gorgeous waterfall where you can walk behind. Unfortunately I was quite annoyed because my gps wasn’t functioning correctly. I totally missed the parking from where you can walk to the Berglistüber wasserfall…..

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About Schreyenbachfall

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
Best visitSummer (22 days)

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