Sigmund Thun klamm wasserfälle

There are multiple cascades one larger waterfall in the Sigmund Thun klamm (gorge) near Kaprun in the region Tirol, Austria.

From the car park at the « Kraftwerk Informationszentrum » it is a short walk to entrance (small fee required). Almost directly you can enjoy this beautiful gorge, walking on wooden stairs and along several waterfalls. The biggest waterfall has a single drop of appr 20 meter. There is a side path that runs towards/under the waterfall.

The gorge isn’t very big but it looks like one of the nicer gorges I have seen in Austria. In the early ice age, about 14,000 years ago, the Kaprun valley was covered by a huge Glacier. The glacier worked its way down through hard lime and slate rocks. Thousands of years later when the glacier was gone, it left behind a gorge with aa length of 320 meter (32 meter deep).

Since 1938 the Sigmund Thun klamm is a monument and in the early nineties the gorge was opened (again) for public.

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About Sigmund Thun klamm wasserfälle

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
RiverKaprunner ache, Klammsee
Best visitEarly summer

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