The Silleregrabefall is one of the many waterfalls located in the Gasteretal near Kandersteg in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland. The waterfall is situated at the food of the big Doldenhorn (3.638 m) that at the other side descends to the Oeschinensee.

The Gasteretal is only accessible through a tunnel with an entrance fee. The road is very narrow that cars only can go oneway through the tunnel. Every 20 minutes you can go through. I read that you have to book a ticket in advance, but the valley is very beautiful as far I can remember. We were visiting the Kandersteg region in May 2005 so it is a long time ago.

Once through the tunnel there are several nice (unnamed) waterfalls you can admire from a distance. The Silleregrabefall is one of them. A small glacier (if it still exists) called Silleregrabe gletscher at the south side of the Doldenorns is feeding the Silleregrabefall.

As said there are many other waterfalls in the Gasteretal but the one I like most is the Geltenbachfall (or Geltenfall), a karstic waterfall with has its origin in the mountain with a system of several rivers in it.

There are so many waterfalls in the Kandersteg and Kiental region that you can visit but my absolute favorite lies in the neighbor valley near Adelboden, the Engstligenfall with a total height of 415 meter.

If you want to see more great waterfall you can drive further to Lenk. There are several other great waterfalls near Lenk but the most famous one is the Simmenfälle. From here you can walk to several other great waterfalls but Siebenbrunnen is a another gorgeous karstic waterfall.

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About Silleregrabefall

RegionBerner Oberland
LocationGasteretal, Kandersteg
Best visitEarly summer

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