Skakavac vodopad (Sarajevo)

There are two waterfalls called Skakavac vodopad. This one is located north of Sarajevo near the village of Nahorevo and Vogošća in central Bosnia Herzegovina.

Skakavac vodopad is one of the highest waterfalls of Bosnia and Herzegovina and drops down over 98 meter. There are different ways to approach Skakavac vodopad, but one of them is from Nahorevo. From a cafe/restaurant (Dragan) a signed trail starts (1 hour). As far as I could understand the waterfall is hard to find, although there a re a few signs.

It is possible to get at the bottom of the waterfalls as well to enjoy the area from the top of Skakavac vodopad.

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About Skakavac vodopad (Sarajevo)

CountryWaterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
RiverX (Peracki Potok)
Best visitSpring

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