Slap Boka

(Boka waterfall)

Slap Boka is a big waterfall near Bovec in the region Goriška – Tolmin, Slovenia.

Slap Boka-riverbedDriving from Bovec to Zaga/Kobarid (road 203) you can’t miss this magnificent waterfall at the right side of the toad (coming from Bovec). There is a parking along the road where it can be crowded in summertime. At the parking you see a big riverbed that is almost dry but I think water is flowing under the big rocks in the riverbed.

Slap BokaFrom the roadside you already have a good view on slap Boka but soon it will get better. Cross the bridge and go right on the path, there are signs. The path goes slightly up but isn’t to difficult. A lot of families walk up but to be honest I saw several small children crying don’t want to walk further…

It a 10 min walk (signs say 15 min) to a wooden platform with a great view on slap Boka. The ascend is appr. 80 meter.

Slap BokaFrom the platform you can go further up following the path but here it gets more demanding. The path is steep and slippery with some challenging parts. I walked further for another 15 minutes but it looked a lot more. I was not sure where the path was ending, it kept on going steeply up so I walked back to another viewpoint I saw. Afterwards I heard the path was going to a viewpoint just above the level of the top of slap Boka and took another 30 minutes from the platform.

I have also seen pictures from the base of Slap Boka. I spoke to a local and he didn’t knew it was possible. You have to walk up in the river bed. A very challenging, demanding walk an maybe even dangerous.

Slap BokaSlap Boka is the mightiest and most impressive waterfall in Slovenia (certainly in springtime) with a significant volume. The waterfall has a consistent flow but gets very powerful after heavy rainfall or in spring when snow is melting down the mountains..

Flowing from the Kanin mountains, the river Boka thunders down over 136 meters. The upper part is 106 meters high and the lower part 30 meters. The best time to visit Boka is late spring, when a lot of meltwater from the mountains runs through. In this period the volume of the river Boka rises up to 100 m3/sec. In wintertime the waterfall runs dry.

Slap Boka is actually a karstic waterfall. The source of the water lies in a cave the mountain at the top of the waterfall. The cave has a length of 800 meter but is probably longer. In 1996 they were only able to survey the first 800 meter of the cave.

There are several beautiful waterfalls nearby but one close to Slap Boka is the waterfall Slap Virje in Plužna (Bovec). But the most beautiful waterfall is located a little to the south at Kobarid, the gorgeous Slap Kozjak. This is really a must to visit.

The region of Bovec is perfectly suitable for hikes, canyoning and rafting. We did two tours: rafting on the river Soca and canyoning in the Susec gorge (nearby slap Boka). More information you can find at the website of Bovec Rafting Team (recommended).

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  • 30 August 2019 at 10:36

    A very high waterfall, but you can’t get close. There is a viewpoint at 15 minutes from the road. The entry is free. In the spring there is a lot more water than in the summer.


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About Slap Boka

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGoriška - Tolmin
LocationBovec-Kobarid (Triglav Nationaal Park/NW)
Best visitAfter rainfall - late spring

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