Slap Savica

Slap Savica is one of the most beautiful waterfall near lake Bled, at the end of lake Bohinj in the region Gorenjska – Radovljica, Slovenia.

slap-Savica-entranceFrom Bled drive to lake Bohinj and keep on following the road at the left side of the lake.  There are already signs “Slap Savica”, so they are easy to find. At the ned of the road there is a very big parking, a restaurant and a tourist shop. You have to pay for the parking (€3) and for entering the park (another €3 p/p, students and children pay less) .

slap-Savica-viewFrom the parking it isn’t difficult where the path begins, just follow the people (it can be crowded). A big board, at the beginning of the path, points out that the walk takes 20 minutes.After 200 meter you will find the entrance/tourist shop of slap Savica. The walk is easy, goes slightly up, but is very suitable for children. The walk takes less then 20 minutes and the nature and views are great.

slap-Savica-viewpointAt the end of the path there is a sort of viewing platform where you have a nice view on slap Savica. There is also a path heading to the base of the waterfall but a big fence ensures that you can’t go further to the pool… a shame.

The river Savica plunges down over 78meter but looks less high. Best time to visit slap Savica is late spring or early summer when there is a lot of snow melting down the mountains. Slap Savica mainly falls to the southeast, so for photographing the morning is a good period. If you go early in the morning (in summertime) and there is enough water in the river you can see a rainbow.

The source of Slap Savica lies 500 meter higher at lake Crno Jezero (the Black Lake). Probably a not visible part of the fall runs through the mountains…very mysterious. The river Savic runs further down and ends in lake Bohinj.

Slap Savica certainly is one of the most romantic waterfalls of the country and has an important historical significance. Slovenia’s most famous poet, France Prešeren, describes slap Savica in several of his books.

Slap PeričnikThere are several other waterfalls near lake Bohinj, certainly in spring, but I liked slap Slap Grmečica, on the way to Bled, very much. If you have more time you can drive to Slap Peričnik near Mostrjana, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. But this a 90 minute drive in the direction of Kranjska Gora.

Lake Bohinj is also very suitable for water recreation. There are several beaches and you can rent a boat, bike or pedal board, so we did. You have to pay for parking the car and it is always very busy around the lake (in summertime). Also very popular is taking the cable car to the mountain Vogel. Views on lake Bohinj are amazing and you can make several walks. More information can be found on the website of Bohinj.

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  • 30 August 2019 at 10:33

    A beautiful waterfall, it’s a 20 minute hike uphill to the waterfall. You can’t get very close to it and there are a lot of tourists when I visted in august 2019. And it isn’t free, if you wan’t to see it you eed to pay at the start of the hike.


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About Slap Savica

RegionGorenjska - Radovljica
LocationBohinj lake-Ukanc
Best visitSpring-early summer

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