Walcher wasserfall


The Walcher wasserfall is the highest waterfall of Austria, along the wasserfallerlebnisweg at Ferleiten in the region Salzburg, Austria. From Ferleiten a special signed trail called “wasserfall erlebnisweg” runs along the river Walcherbach . The river Walcherbach cascades down over 520 meters, but only the upper part is called the Walcher wasserfall.

The trail starts at the Tauernhaus in Ferleiten at the parking lot and ends at the Walcher Hochalm at an altitude of 1853 meters. From the parking lot the trail goes up parallel on the river Walcherbach. Already at the beginning you can see how impressive the Walcher wasserfall is.

Further up you can walk behind the Walcher wasserfall with an awesome view on the valley. The walk to the the Walcher wasserfall (Schleierfall) takes about 90-120 minutes with an ascend of 737 meters.

Best time to visit the Walcher wasserfall (Schleierfall) is in summer. The Walcher wasserfall (Schleierfall) is being fed by the glacier Walcher Kees and a few other small glaciers.

©Photo: Wildpark Ferleiten

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About Walcher wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitSummer

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