WandelbachfälleThe Wandelbachfälle is one of the highest waterfalls in Switzerland and consist out of 4 major tiers with a total drop of about 300+ meters. The waterfall is located along road 6 near Meiringen in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland. 

When driving over road 6 from Meiringen to Brienz you can see the Wandelbachfälle on your left in the distance. There is no clear spot to stop along road 6, but there is an exit to a small road so you will have a better view.

Actually the river Wandelbach drops down over more then a 1000 meters, but it is difficult to determine where the beginning of the waterfall is and where it ends. Maybe it even belongs to the top 5 highest waterfalls in Switzerland.

I think Meiringen is the perfect location to spot waterfalls with a few of the best waterfalls you can visit: Alpbachfall, Rosenlauischlucht, Reichenbachfall and off cause the Giessbachfälle. There are many more others but these are the most impressive ones.

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About Wandelbachfälle

RegionBerner Oberland

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