Dachserfall is a waterfall near Au (Abtenau) in the region Salzburg/Austria. The Dachserfall is fed by melting water that accumulates in a quelle (natural source) in the Tennengebirge (mountain range) that covers an area of 60m2, most of it above 2.000 meters. When you look at pictures of the Dachserfall you will see that the water comes directly out of the mountain.

From Au there are signs to the Dachserfall through a forrest. Nice surrounding, but the fall was dissapointing. Also because of the amount of snow when we were there in may. It is possible to walk further on west-northwest to another small waterfall called Tricklfall(hohle).

Best time to visit the Dachserfall waterfall is early summer or summer when the waterflow reaches its top. I have seen figures that the amount of water coming out of the Dachserfall can be 3m3/sec, but that is hard to imagine when I see the pictures. When we were there in may the Dachserfall was still covered with snow, maybe because the fall is situated at 703 meters above sea level.

There are four nice waterfalls near Abtenau: Dachserfall-Tricklfall-Winnerfall-Aubachfall. The Aubachfall is the most imposant and powerful of all four and a must to visit.

© 4-5th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Dachserfall

Best visitearly summer-summer

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