(Vøringsfossen, Vöringfossen, Tyssvikofossen, Tyssvikjofossen)

Without a doubt the most famous waterfall in Norway and one of the main tourist attractions of Norway with more then 650.00 visitors each year. There is a big parking lot along the R7 but in Norway it is never so crowded that you can’t enjoy nature. From the parking lot it is a short walk to the several viewpoint on the Voringfossen. Actually there are two waterfalls next to each other: Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjofossen. Walking from road 7 to the falls, the waterfall on the left is the Tyssvikjofossen and the waterfall on the right hand side is the Vøringsfossen.

The original name of the waterfall is Vøringen. Later on the s was added to the name and Fossen. Vyrðingr is derived from the Old Norse verb vyrða. In the Norwegian language “vyrd” means proud and honorable, a beautiful description for a magnificent waterfall.

Vøringsfossen is one of the highest waterfall in Norway with a sheer fall of 145 meters. The small stream on the photo is the Tyssvikjofossen. Although on maps they only mention the Vøringsfossen.

In summertime the minimum flow of the river Bjoreio, which feeds the Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjofossen, is 12 m³/s. Since the 70s the waterflow of the river Bjoreio is part of a power plant, but because of the beauty and the importance of tourism it is declared that in summertime the Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjofossen must stay the touristic highlight of Norway. Vøringsfossen is fed by an unregulated supply of water from a 90 square kilometer area and regulated supply of Sysenvatn, a lake that lies 900 meters above the waterfall and its more than 10 kilometers away.

If you walk up you will have a great view from the Fossli Hotel. There is also a path from road r7 to the bottom of the waterfall. Located next to “”Tourist road Hardanger”” Rv7.” I can imagine the great view you will have then, but we skipped this walk. On the map you will see the trail here. It is the dotted line at the river, you even can cross the river Bjoreio. I can remember that the trail looked heavy and rocky.

There are a dozen of other huge and impressing waterfalls nearby. The most impressive ones you don’t have to miss:
SkrikjofossenSkrikjofossenSkytjedalsfossen, Vedalsfossen and the Valursfossen.

Also something you have to do is the trail that lead into the Husedalen.From Kinsarvik (municipality Ullensvang in Hordaland) it is a 5 minute drive over a very narrow road to a parking lot where the trail into the Husedalen starts. Here you can admire 4 huge/powerful waterfalls in the river Kinso (just after eachother):TveitafossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen and the best at last the Søtefossen.

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