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To be honest, creating a top 10 highest waterfalls in Germany isn't easy. There isn't much data available and there are few tall waterfalls in Germany. I have to trust on data from online hiking maps and my own experience.

The highest waterfall of Germany isn't hard to determine and is, without a doubt, the Röthbachfall at the Königssee in Bayern with a total drop of 470 meter.

The tallest waterfalls of Germany are located in the south of the country in Bayern. Often the Triberger wasserfälle are mentioned as the highest waterfall of Germany, but that is not correct.

Nr 1 highest waterfall in Germany:
Röthbachfall - 470 metre

Triberger wasserfälle, Triberg, Schwarzwald, Germany

6. Triberger wasserfälle - 163 m

Triberg, Baden-Württemburg


7. Bachfälle - 160 meter

Gerstrubental, Bayern

Hölltobel wasserfall

9. Dietersbach wasserfall - 150 m

Gerstrubental, Bayern

10. Almbachklamm wf - 150 m

Marktschellenberg, Bayern