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It is quite a dilemma how to list the top 10 biggest waterfalls in Austria. Maybe what is the definition of biggest waterfall in Austria? In this case I mean the waterfall with the highest waterflow (volume) in the river of a waterfall.

I have been to Austria and a few waterfalls made a big impression on me, regarding the volume and the power of the water thundering down. After several hours of research I can't find very much information about the waterflow of waterfalls in Austria.

Nr 1 biggest waterfall in Austria:
Krimmler wasserfälle - 5.6 m³/s


2. Grawafall

Stubaital, Tirol

Waterfall in Austria: Umbalfalle

3. Umbalfälle

Hinterbichl, Osttirol

Gössnitzfall (Gößnitz wasserfall)

4. Gössnitzfall

Winkl, Kärnten

Stuibenfall Umhausen

5. Stuibenfall

Umhausen, Tirol

Riesach wasserfälle

6. Riesach wasserfälle

Rohrmoos, Steiermark

Lauterbach wasserfall

7. Waldbachstrub

Hallstatt, Oberösterreich

Bad Gasteinerfall

8. Bad Gasteinerfall

Bad Gastein, Salzburg


9. Gossfälle

Maltatal, Kärnten