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Spain is a country with many extraordinary waterfalls. The amount of water in rivers varies much, depending on the season. Spain is not a country where you expect very powerful waterfalls but in the right season you can be surprised.

One of the waterfalls that can surprise you is located in a dry region "Castilla La Mancha-Albacete" where you normally don't expect powerful waterfalls. The waterfall Nacimiento del río Mundo is an exception. In rainy periods it can exceed to a flow rate of 20m3/sec.

In the Pyrenees there are several impressive waterfalls you best can visit early summer. So for every season another waterfall! Enjoy my list "top 10 biggest waterfalls of Spain"

Nr 1 biggest waterfall by volume in Spain:
Nacimiento del río Mundo - up to 20m3/sec

3. Cascada de la Cimbarra

Aldeaquemada, Andalucia

Cascada del Ezaro

4. Cascada del Ezaro

Ézaro, Galicia

Cascada del Cinca

8. Cascada del Cinca

Bielsa, Aragon

Salto del Nervion

10. Cascada del Nervion

Delika, Castilla y León