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Most of the tall waterfalls in Spain are located in the northern parts of Spain. My favorite region is north Aragon with so many beautiful and tall waterfalls with a height of 100 meter and more.

The highest waterfall in Spain is also located in Aragon, in Parque Nacional de Ordesa: Cascada del Cinca, with a total height of appr. 600 meter.

I think there is enough to explore (I only have visited a few of Spain's best waterfalls). Enjoy my list "top 10 highest waterfalls of Spain"

Nr 1 highest waterfall in Spain:
Cascada del Cinca - 110>600 metres

Cascada del Cinca is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Spain and is located in Parque nacional de Ordesa y monte Perdido. Melted snow thunders down over more then 600 meters from the mountains near Monte Perdido. There are 4 major tiers with single drops over 100 meter but the total descent must be more then 600 meters. Certainly early summer Cascada del Cinca can be very impressive!

Cascada del Cinca
Cascada del Cinca

2. Nacimiento del río Mundo - 300 m

Riópar, Castilla la Mancha

Salto del Nervion

3. Salto del Nervión - 222 meter

Delika, Castilla y León

Cascada de Cotatuero

4. Cascada de Cotatuero - 240 meter

Parque Nacional De Ordesa, Asturias

5. Cascada de la Larri - 180 meter

Parque Nacional de Ordesa, Aragon