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If I had to choose which country to live in, it would be Spain. I have fallen in love with this country: An ideal climate, nice and affordable food and beautiful nature, something for everyone..

My favorite part of Spain is the north of Spain, the Pyrenees. For me "parque nacional ordesa y monte perdido" is heaven. So beautiful, so restful, so many waterfalls! This should be on everyones bucketlist.

I know there is much more to explore and the region around Madrid are on my wishlist. Enjoy my list "top 10 most beautiful waterfalls of Spain"

Nr 1 most beautiful waterfall in Spain:
Cascada de la Cola de Caballo ****
(Parque nacional Ordesa y monte Perdido - Torla)

5. Nacimiento del Río Mundo ****

Riópar, Castilla la Mancha

6. Cascada de la Cimbarra ****

Aldeaquemada, Andalucia

8. Salt de Sallent ***

Rupit, Cataluña

9. Nacimiento del río Asón ***

La Gandara, Cantabria

10. Cascada de Orbaneja ***

Orbaneja Del Castillo, Castilla y León