Cascata Agua d’Alto – São Vicente

Cascata Água d'Alto - Sao VicenteCascata Agua d’Alto is a tall waterfall, west of São Vicente, along road ER101 on the Island Madeira, Portugal. There are several waterfalls on Madeira with the name Agua d’Alto, which means high water.

The waterfall is very easy to reach. It is located directly along road ER101 at the north side of Madeira. From São Vicent follow the main road west (1,5 km) to Seixal until you see a tall single drop waterfall, just before a tunnel. You can park your car at the parking “A Cataplana” (a lovely Portugees dish) or a little further along the road. There is even a small parking (gps 32.809698, -17.059544) right in front of Cascata Agua d’Alto, but this will spoil your view.

There is no walk or many kind of views, but from path at the seaside you will an awesome view with the tunnel at the right. The waterfall has a single drop of approximately 80 meter but I think there is also a drop near the top of (visible) part of the waterfall.

We visited Madeira Oktober 2023 and it hadn’t rained much for months. We where lucky that there was water in Cascata Agua d’Alto. Further towards Seixal many waterfalls where dry.

There are a few other tall waterfalls if you drive further to Seixal. Some are even much taller. You also can visit a popular viewpoint “Miradouro Véu da Noiva” with a view on a waterfall that drops directly into the sea.
If the weather is good you also can go for a swim at the natural swimming pool at Seixal. Actually there are two of them and there is also a beach popular for surfing.


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About Cascata Agua d’Alto – São Vicente

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
LocationSão Vicente
RiverRibeira da Agua d'Alto

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