Cascata da Ribeira Grande

Cascata da Ribeira Grande is most a the year a low volume waterfall near Fajãzinha on the island Flores (Azores) which is part of Portugal.

From Fajãzinha you see several waterfalls jumping over a cliff. The right one is Cascata da Ribeira Grande. Total height is approximately 180 meter.

For a nice view drive from to ponte Sobre a Ribeiro do Ferreira (gps 39.437338, -31.243178). You also can park your car here. There is a trail going up to the lake in front of the many waterfalls, Lagoa dos Patos, with again some perfect views.


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About Cascata da Ribeira Grande

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
RegionAzores - Flores
RiverRibeira Grande
Best visitWet season

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