DachserfallThe Dachserfall is a small but very special karstic waterfall near Au (Abtenau) in the region Salzburg, Austria.

In Abtenau take the exit at the Raiffeisenbank. Follow the road to Unterberg until you see a parking at the right side of the small road (gps 47.554000, 13.334250).

Walk down the road for a hundred meter until you see the small yellow signs. The one for the Dacherserfall point to the left. The trail is very well signed. I was only confused if I had to follow «Dachserfall» or «platform Dachserfall». You can visit both but is then wise to visit the platform first. From the parking this is a 15-20 minute walk. 

At the platform you have a view, a little from above. I think the view from aside is better. Walk back a little (downstream) until you can cross the river and walk to the Dachserfall from aside (detour from 5 minutes). Unfortunately, when I was there July 2020, there was only water coming out of the middle and the right hole. Late spring and early summer the waterflow should reach its maximum capacity and water is exploding out of all the three holes. I have seen figures that the amount of water coming out of the Dachserfall can be 3m3/sec

The Dachserfall is fed by melting water that accumulates in a quelle (natural source) in the Tennengebirge (mountain range) that covers an area of 60m2, most of it above 2.000 meters. When you look at pictures of the Dachserfall you will see that the water comes directly out of the mountain. The height of the waterfall (the middle one) is approximately 8 meter.

I visited the Dachserfall twice. One time in May when snow was still covering the waterfall, maybe because the waterfall is situated at 703 meters above sea level. 
The second time was end July 2020. The weather was fine, it rained much in the weeks before but still the waterflow was not that high.

After visiting the Dachserfall you can walk to the Trickfall. There is path next to the waterfall that goes up. In 15-20 minutes you can reach the Tricklfall and in another 15-20 minutes you are back at the parking.

There are five nice waterfalls near Abtenau and a perfect base for all kinds of day trips. Beside the Dachserfall and Tricklfall you can visit the Schwarzenbachfall / Winnerfall and finally the imposing Aubachfall. The Aubachfall is the most photogenic and powerful one.

© 4-5th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Dachserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationAu, Abtenau, Golling
Best visitearly summer-summer

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