Königshütter Wasserfall

Konigshutter wasserfallThe Königshütter Wasserfall is an artificial waterfall created in 1994. The Königshütter Wasserfall is located along road 27, northwest of Königshütte in the Harz, region Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.

Driving from Braunlage to Elbingerode (on road 27) you already can see the Königshütter Wasserfall from the roadside at the left of the road (near the exit to Königshütte). There is a parking at the left side of the road after you see the Königshütter Wasserfall and there are 4 spots along the roadside.

Konigshutter wasserfallFirst thing you see are several picnic tables and a barbecue facility just in front of the Königshütter Wasserfall. The picnic area is a perfect spot for a lunch with family. In a holiday period it can be a little crowded but is a really relaxing area, perfect for children.

In front of the waterfall you have a good look on the 16 meter drop. It is also possible to walk to the top in a few minutes where you have a nice view on the area. There are several hiking trail and the area is popular by families.

Konigshutter wasserfallUnfortunately the best period to visit the Königshütter Wasserfall is after a rainy period, Autumn. Normally the Königshütter Wasserfall is a low volume waterfall. I visited the waterfall in May and the flow wasn’t very spectacular but still fair.

I liked the Königshütter Wasserfall very much and it certainly one of the better waterfall in the Harz. The Königshütter Wasserfall is appr. 16 meter high (measured with mu laser height meter) and is created when the area was a stone quarry.

There are several other small waterfall in the Harz. Highest waterfall in the Harz is the Romkerhaller wasserfall with a height of 50-64 meter and is located near Bad Harzburg.

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About Königshütter Wasserfall

LocationElbingerode, Königshütte, Harz
Best visitAfter rainfall, Autumn

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