Radau Wasserfall


The Radau wasserfall or Radaufall is a small waterfall south of Braunschweig, near Bad Harzburg in the region Niedersachen, Germany. The Radau wasserfall is located in the Harz, a small mountain chain south of Braunschweig, Germany.

Radau wasserfallThe Radau wasserfall is located along road 4, south of Bad Harzburg and is a touristic attraction. There aren’t many parking spots but you always can find a spot for parking.

I was in the Harz, beginning of May 2018 and the volume of all waterfalls in the Harz weren’t very spectacular. Nevertheless I liked the shape of the waterfall very much. The Radau wasserfall is quite photogenic and you can take pictures from several viewing angles.

Radau wasserfallIt is also possible to walk up to the top of the Radau wasserfall where you have a nice view. Near the waterfall there is a nice restaurant named after the waterfall.

The Radau wasserfall is an artificial waterfall at the end of a manmade canal. Here the canal plunges down over a rock wall over 23 meter before it ends in the river Radau.

There are several other nice waterfall in the Harz. I liked the Königshütter Wasserfall very much. Not because of its power but because of the atmosphere and the picnic facilities.

Highest waterfall in the Harz is the Romkerhaller wasserfall with a height of 50-64 meter and is located near Bad Harzburg.

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About Radau Wasserfall

LocationBad Harzburg (Harz)
RiverX (Radau)
Best visitAfter rainy period

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Romkerhaller Wasserfall 8 km
Spiegelthaler wasserfall 24 km
Königshütter Wasserfall 25 km
Trusetaler Wasserfall 117 km
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