Romkerhaller Wasserfall

(Romker wasserfall)

The Romkerhaller Wasserfall (or Romker Wasserfall) is one of the highest waterfalls in the Harz, a small mountain chain south of Braunschweig, Germany. Highest point in the Harz is the mountain Brocken wit a height of 1.141 meter.

Romkerhaller wasserfallThe Romkerhaller Wasserfall is located near Goslar along road 498. There is a parking along the road from where you can reach the waterfall in a minute. The Romkerhaller Wasserfall isn’t very spectacular, the water stream is quite insignificant and with windy weather the upper drop fades away.

The Romkerhaller Wasserfall is an artificial waterfall created by diverting the stream of the river Kleine Romke. The Romkerhaller Wasserfall drops down over 50-64 meter in almost a single drop. I was at the waterfall at the beginning of May 2018 and the volume of the water stream was little.

Romkerhaller wasserfallI measured a height of 50 meter but according to several touristic figures the waterfall is 64 meter heigh. I am not sure who is right… I also went to the top of the waterfall, a slippery path with a lot of lose stones (be careful, certainly when going down). I liked the view halfway where I had a good view at the upper drop.

Best period to visit the Romkerhaller Wasserfall is after a rainy period, maybe in Autumn.

Afterwards a visit to the picturesque town of Goslar is a must. Goslar is on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Marktplatz in the city center is very nice and the surrounding of the old mill is a guarantee for nice pictures.

There are several other nice waterfall in the Harz. I liked the Königshütter Wasserfall very much. Not because of its power but because of the atmosphere and the picnic facilities.

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About Romkerhaller Wasserfall

LocationGoslar (Harz)
RiverKleine Romke
Best visitAfter rainfall

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