(Vøringfossen, Voringsfossen, Tyssvikofossen, Tyssvikjofossen)

Vøringsfossen (often written as Vøringfossen without the s) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway. Maybe this is an opinion but it is a fact that Vøringsfossen is the most photographed waterfall of Norway. There is a good reason why Vøringsfossen is so popular. The waterfall is very photogenic, easy to reach and close to one of the biggest cities of Norway, Bergen.

Vøringsfossen, Sogn og Fjordane, NorwayVøringsfossen is also the most famous waterfall in Norway and one of the main tourist attractions of Norway with more then 650.00 visitors each year. There is a big parking lot in front of the waterfalls with some small tourist shops and a cafe where you can lunch or have some drinks. From the parking lot it is a short walk to cliff edge with several great views on the Vøringsfossen. Take some time to discover what the best viewpoint is on Vøringsfossen.

Actually there are two waterfalls next to each other: Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjofossen. Walking from the parking along road 7 to the waterfalls, the one on the left is the Tyssvikjofossen and the waterfall on the right hand side is the Vøringsfossen.

Vøringsfossen-Fossli Hotel ViewIf you walk up along the sheer edge to Fossli Hotel you will have a great views over the valley Måbødalen and another viewpoint on both waterfalls. You also can take the car and drive up to the Fossli Hotel and walk from there along the edge of the deep canyon.

There is also a path from road r7 to the bottom of the waterfall, just before the Måbøtunneln (driving to Eidfjord). There is a small parking on both sides of the road. If you park the car at the right side of the road, cross the r7 and go to the old road. Walk downwards until you see a path at the right after a bend in the road to the left. This walk can be a little bit steep and slippery but you will be rewarded with a great view from below Vøringsfossen. The trail takes you to the riverbed of the Bjoreio, covered with many big rocks. On Google map the parking is at gps; 60.4248, 7.23286. The walk takes appr. 60 minutes.

Hike to Vøringsfossen
© OpenStreetMap – Hike to Vøringsfossen

The original name of the waterfall is Vøringen. Later on the s was added to the name and Fossen. Vyrðingr is derived from the Old Norse verb vyrða. In the Norwegian language “vyrd” means proud and honorable, a beautiful description for a magnificent waterfall.

Vøringsfossen is one of the highest single drop waterfall in Norway with a sheer fall of 145 meter. Total height of Vøringsfossen is 182 meter. The small stream on the photo is the Tyssvikjofossen. Although on maps they only mention the Vøringsfossen.

Norway’s most famous waterfall (Vøringsfossen) got a spectacular upgrade. New step bridge across the gorge is open for public since the summer of 2020! You can watch an information video about the project on Youtube.

In summertime the minimum flow of the river Bjoreio, which feeds the Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjofossen, is 12 m³/s. Since the 70s the waterflow of the river Bjoreio is part of a power plant, but because of the beauty and the importance of tourism it is declared that in summertime Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjofossen must stay the touristic highlight of Norway. Vøringsfossen is fed by an unregulated supply of water from a 90 square kilometer area and regulated supply of Sysenvatn, a lake that lies 900 meter above the waterfall and its more than 10 kilometer away.

There are a dozen of other huge and impressing waterfalls nearby. The most impressive ones you don’t have to miss: SkrikjofossenSkytjedalsfossen, Vedalsfossen and Valursfossen.

Also something you have to do is the trail that lead into the Husedalen. From Kinsarvik (municipality Ullensvang in Hordaland) it is a 5 minute drive over a very narrow road to a parking lot where the trail into the Husedalen starts. Here you can admire 4 huge/powerful waterfalls in the river Kinso (just after each other): TveitafossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen and the best at last Søtefossen.

Kinsarvik is the perfect base to visit tourist attractions in the area or for making a hike on the Munkenetreppene. From Kinsarvik camping (very nice and beautiful camping) the trail begins and goes up to an altitude of 950 moh. The views are amazing and from the top you can walk further onto the Hardangervidda.

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About Vøringsfossen

Best visitSummer, early summer

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