Waterfalls in Germany

Waterfalls in GermanyWaterfalls in Germany, strangely enough, are unknown territory for me. I live in the Netherlands and Germany is still the country where I’ve been dozens of times, but never been to visit waterfalls. Maybe it’s the unknown what stops me visiting Germany or maybe I prefer driving to Austria because I know over there are so many beautiful waterfalls. Maybe it is because I have a prejudice, which is not good, so Germany is high on my wish list for chasing waterfalls.

Because I don’t know much about waterfalls in Germany, I had to do some research where the most beautiful and highest waterfalls can be found in Germany. I think the Bayern region is high in the ranking regarding the highest and most beautiful waterfalls of Germany.

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe. There are several mountain and hilly areas in Germany; the Black Forest, the Eifel, Erzgebirge, Hunsrück, Kellerwald, Sauerland, Thuringian Forest, the Harz and of course the Alps. In the Alps the most and most interesting waterfalls can be found.

The Zugspitze with 2.962 meters the highest mountain in Germany and is located in the Alps in the Bayern region. Of the five (small) glaciers in Germany there are two located on the Zugspitze. Waterfalls in Germany mostly are fed by melted snow or rain.

The roads in Germany are perfect and you don’t have to pay toll. Most areas are quite easily accessible and the price level for traveling is reasonable.

The German word for waterfall is “wasserfall” or plural ” wasserfälle “. At the moment I have registered about 80 waterfalls in Germany that still has no ranking and description. I hope to complete this during the autumn.

European Waterfalls logo defHighest waterfall in Germany

The highest waterfall in Germany, the Röthbachfall, is located in the south at the Konigssee. With a total height of 470 meters, this is also one of the highest waterfalls in the Alps. On the Internet, you often encounter the Triberg wasserfall as highest waterfall, but it’s only 163 meters high. There are still five other waterfalls in Germany that are higher than 200 meters, but this needs more research.

European Waterfalls logo defMost beautiful waterfall in Germany

To come up with Germany’s most beautiful waterfall is quite difficult. I think I prefer the Röthbachfall or the Triberg wasserfall as the most beautiful waterfall in Germany. Suggestions are appreciated!