Langenfelder wasserfall

The Langenfelder wasserfall is a small, low volume, waterfall in the small village of Langenfeld in the region Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany.

From highway 2 take exit 35 and drive to Langenfeld. In Langenfeld you see a dead-end road to Höllenmühle. At the end of the small road there is a small parking for 2-3 cars. Go right around the house until you reach a viewing point (3 minute walk).

In spring/summertime the view isn’t very clear because of the trees growing in front of the waterfall. When I was there the end of April 2018 the volume in the river was very dissapointing. I had expected more water in the early season.

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About Langenfelder wasserfall

RegionNordrhein Westfalen
Best visitAfter a rainy period, autumn