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It ain't easy to determine a list with the biggest waterfall if you are talking about the volume (amount of water) in a waterfall. I can read and speak a little bit French but not enough to do proper scientific research. I also don't know if there are figures about the flowrates of rivers with waterfalls. 

Nevertheless I made a top 10 biggest waterfalls in France based upon a visual examination. There is a lot of photo material and I have been several times to France to visit the most impressive waterfalls.

Enjoy my list "top 10 biggest waterfalls in France"

Nr 1 biggest waterfall in France:

Grande cascade de Gavarnie - 200 m3/s

If you said, in forehand, that Grande cascade de Gavarnie is the waterfall with the biggest flowrate, I would say "really????". But if you walk closer to the base of the waterfall you will see how mighty this waterfall is. With a (maximum) flowrate of 200m3/sec in summertime this could be the biggest waterfall in France.

Cascade du Rouget

2. Cascade du Rouget

Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, Haute Savoie

Cascade d'Ars

3. Cacade d'Ars

Aulus les Bains, Midi Pyrenees

Saut du Doubs

4. Saut du Doubs

Villers le Lac, Franche Comte/Doubs

Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra

5. Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchâtra

Venosc, Rhone-Alpses/Isere

Cascades de Gimel-le Grand Saut

6. Cascades de Gimel

Tulle, Limousin/Corrèze

Cascade Pont d'Espagne

7. Cascade du Pont d’Espagne

Cauterets, Midi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees

Cascade d'Oo

8. Cascade d’Oô

Cazeaux de Larboust, Midi Pyrenees/Haute Garonne

Steirische Bodensee wasserfall

9. Cascade d'Enfer

Bagneres de Luchon, Midi Pyrenees/Haute Garonne

Cascades cirque de Saint-Meme

10. Cascades Cirque de Saint-Même

St Pierre de Chartreuse, Rhone Alpes/Savoie Isere