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Often there is much discussion about the tallest waterfall of a country but for France it is easy: "Grande cascade de Gavarnie" is the highest waterfall of France, no discussion about it. With its 440 meter it is an impressive waterfall. I visited Gavarnie several times and it is a super gorgeous waterfall. When coming closer to the base you will see how high 440 metre actually is. A must to visit!

But there are certainly more tall waterfall in France. A lot of the are situated in the alps and have heights around a 400 metre. It is hard to determine what the exact height is. So in this case I use an estimated height for several waterfalls.

Nr 1 highest waterfall in France:
Grande cascade de Gavarnie - 440 metre

Cascade de Pissevache ( sixt fer a cheval)

2. Cascade de Pissevache - 400+ metre

Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval, Haute Savoie

Cascade du Moulin Marquis

3. Cascade de Moulin Marquis - 400+ m

Cirque Bournillon, Rhone Alpes/Isere

Cascade de l'Arpenaz

5. Cascade de l’Arpenaz - 365 metre

Sallanches, Rhone Alpes/Haute Savoie

Cascade d'Oo

6. Cascade d’Oô - 273 meter

Cazeaux de Larboust, Midi Pyrenees/Haute Garonne

7. Cascade de la Pisse - 270 metre

Mizoen, Alpes/Haute Alpes

10. Cascade du Dard - 200 metre

Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval, Haute Savoie