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Slovenia is an upcoming country when you talk about tourism. The las few years the number of tourists grow rapidly. Actually that is no surprise because Slovenia has it all: beautiful nature and everything is quite affordable.

There are a few waterfalls that are the main tourist attractions of the country. Slap Boka is one of them and the area around Bled is also very popular with two main attractions: slap Savica and the Vintgar Gorge with slap Sum.

Enjoy my list "top 10 highest waterfalls of Slovenia"

Nr 1 most popular waterfall in Slovenia:
Vintgar gorge - slap Sum

(nowadays limited to 245 visitors per day!)

Slap Boka

2. Slap Boka

Boka, Goriška - Tolmin

Krimmler wasserfälle, Krimml, Salzburg, Austria

3. Slap Savica

Ukanc, Gorenjska - Radovljica

Slap Peričnik

4. Slap Peričnik

Mojstrana, Gorenjska - Jesenice

Slap Rinka

5. Slap Rinka

Logarska dolina, Savinjska - Mozirje

Slap Kozjak

6. Slap Kozjak

Kobarid, Goriška - Tolmin

Slap Virje-above

7. Slap Virje

Bovec, Goriška - Tolmin

Martuljkovi slapovi

8. Martuljkovi slapovi

Gozd Martuljek, Gorenjska - Jesenice

Mostnice, slap Voje

9. Mostnice slapovi

Stara Fužina, Gorenjska - Radovljica

Slap Grmečica

10. Slap Grmečica

Nomenj, Gorenjska - Radovljica