Cascata Agua d’Alto – Santana

(Cascata da Aguage)

Cascata Agua D'Alto / Cascata Aguage- SantanaCascata Agua d’Alto is a common name for a waterfall on Madeira, but this waterfall (also named (cascata da Aguage) is a 20 meter single drop waterfall southwest of the tourist village Santana (Madeira, Portugal) .

From Santana (on the north side of Madeira) it is a few minute drive following the ER13 southwest. Parking near the trailhead is quite difficult, so we parked our car on a spot that wasn’t perfect for parking (gps 32.795077, -16.875120). From here walk into the sideroad following the new signs. After 150 meter, following the apshalt road, you have to go left. This sign is a little bit hidden but it is logical to go there. Now it is easy: follow the path for a few minutes until a junction. Go right and after a few minutes you are at the base of Cascata Agua d’Alto – Santana. The walk is easy and short (10 minutes).

Cascata Agua d’Alto  (Santana) is an easy to reach waterfall and once was a hidden gem. Nowadays tourists more and more find their to way to this beautiful waterfall. When we visited Cascata Agua d’Alto  (Santana), Oktober 2023, it was very dry and it hadn’t rained for months. We were lucky there was water in the river and that we could see a 20 meter single drop waterfall. An hour earlier we visited a waterfall with the same name in Faial that was dry.

Cascata Agua d’Alto ends in a nice pool with tropical vegetation at the shore. Earlier in the season covered with lot of flowers of my favorite plant, the “Ginger Lily” (Hedychium Gardnerianum). We had a long and pleasant talk with a nice Italian tourist exchanging a lot of cultural information.

Afterwards you can visit the centre of Santana (Madeira) to see the typical triangle houses. There are a lot of tourists but still it is nice to see. In one of the houses there is flower shop who also sells the most beautiful flower bulbs for a descent price.

There are several other great waterfalls at the northside of Madeira, near Seixal. One of the main attractions is a stop at “Miradoura Véu da Noiva” where a single drop waterfall ends in the ocean. After a rainy period many waterfalls will show up at the north coast of Madeira. I think the costal road ER101 is one of teh most beautiful roads to take if you like sea views and waterfalls.

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About Cascata Agua d’Alto – Santana

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
RiverRibeira dos Pregos
Best visitAfter a rainy period - early summer

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