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It is quite a dilemma how to list the top 10 biggest waterfalls in Norway. There aren't accurate figures about the water flow of many big waterfalls. I know that there are a few rivers with a high volume of water. All of them with the source at a glacier, but the waterfalls in those rivers are more big rapids.

I will only count in waterfalls with a drop over 10 meter combined with waterfalls with a visual high volume. So this is my top 10 of biggest waterfalls in Norway.

Enjoy my list "top 10 biggest waterfalls of Norway"

Nr 1 biggest waterfall in Norway:
Osfossen - river Gaula  48,7 m3/s

Latefossen (Låtefossen), Skare, Hordaland

3. Låtefossen

Skare, Vestland

4. Skarvefossen

Granvin, Vestland


5. Svøufallet

Åmotan, Møre og Romsdal

Kjosfossen - very powerful waterfall

6. Kjosfossen

Myrdal, Vestland

7. Stalheimsfossen

Stalheim, Vestland

Hjellefossen, Utladalen, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

8. Hjellefossen

Utladalen, Vestland

Sivlefossen, Stalheim/Stalheimskleiva, Hordaland

9. Sivlefossen

Stalheim, Vestland

Mollisfossen - Reisadalen

10. Mollisfossen

Reisadalen, Troms og Finnmark