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It is impossible to produce a top 10 must see tourist attractions in Norway that fits everybody. I am unique and a little stubborn, so this top 10 is a list of hotspots that made me happy.

To be honest is an experience also dependable of the circumstances, like how do you feel, what is the weather like, what am I looking for. I love waterfalls, but I also like other things, but most of my top 10 must see tourist attractions in Norway has to do with waterfalls. 

Nevertheless, Norway is a diverse country with hotspot for people who like nature or like culture. There aren't that many cosy cities but.. there are several interesting activities you can do. Even if you don't like hiking.

Nr 1 tourist must see tourist attraction in Norway: 


The reason why the Geirangerfjord is my nr 1 must see tourrist attraction is not only because of the astonishing beauty of the fjord. There is so much to see and to do in the proximity of the hamlet Geiranger. Most tourist go to Geiranger to view the fjord with its many waterfalls, like the famous seven sisters but you also can drive up to Dalsnibba, a viewpoint at 1.500 meters above sea level. 
Along the road there are many other things to do, like a beautiful walk to the gorgeous waterfall "Storsæterfossen". But you also can visit a famous rock with an amazing view on the Geirangerfjord.

Waterfall in Norway: Vøringsfossen, Mabodalen, Hordaland

2. Vøringsfossen

Måbødalen, Vestland


3. Lofoten

Lofoten, Nordland

4. Flåmsbana

Flåm, Vestland


5. Preikestolen

Lysefjorden, Rogaland


6. Bergen

Bergen, Vestland


7. Trollstigen

Rauma, Møre og Romsdal


8. Briksdalbreen

Oldedalen, Vestland


9. Steinsdalsfossen

Norheimsund, Vestland


10. Nærøyfjord

Gudvangen, Vestland