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Norway is a popular destination for tourists. Over 6 million tourists visited Norway (before the Corona pandemic) and tourism is responsible for appr. 4,2% of Norway’s GDP. When I was traveling through Norway most foreigners where German and Dutch but according to statistics most tourists come from Asia (cruise ships).

It is quite logical that most of the popular waterfalls are located near the sea/fjord and that those locations are easy to reach.

It is difficult to determine which waterfall has the most visitors. From experience I know where I saw the most people (and from some statistics on the Internet)."

Nr 1 most popular waterfall in Norway:
Vøringfossen - 650.00 yearly visitors

2. Dei Sju Systrene

Geirangerfjord, Møre og Romsdal


4. Steinsdalsfossen

Norheimsund, Vestland

Sivlefossen, Stalheim/Stalheimskleiva, Hordaland

5. Sivlefossen

Stalheim, Vestland

Latefossen (Låtefossen), Skare, Hordaland

6. Låtefossen

Skare, Vestland

Langfoss, Etne, Hordaland, Norway

7. Langfoss

Etne, Vestland

8. Ramnefjellfossen

Loen, Vestland


9. Månafossen

Frafjord, Rogaland

Waterfall in Norway: Tvinnefossen, Tvindefossen, Trollafossen

10. Tvindefossen

Voss, Vestland