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This is a difficult one, how to determine what "the highest waterfall of Norway" is? I have seen over a thousand waterfalls in Norway and there are dozens of waterfalls that belong to the highest waterfalls in the world!

But how determine what the highest waterfall in Norway is? These days you can use a drone with an altitude meter, but I don't have one. Then the only option is by viewing/analyzing and using a detailed map. Still then it is difficult.

I was the only one in the world with another nr 1 highest waterfall of Norway, but I changed my opinion to the Vinnufossen with a 860 meter drop. Not a very impressive waterfall but it is the tallest waterfall in Norway.

Nr 1 highest waterfall in Norway:
Vinnufossen - 860 metre

3. Bålaifossen - 800 metre

Osafjorden, Vestland

Kjelfossen (Kjelsfossen) - Gudvangen

4. Kjelfossen - 755 metre

Gudvangen, Vestland


5. Ølmåafossen - 720 metre

Romsdalen, Møre og Romsdal


6. Kjeragfossen - 715 metre

Lysefjord, Rogaland

8. Heggurfossen - 650 metre

Tafjord, Møre og Romsdal

10. Mongefossen (regulated)

Romsdalen, Møre og Romsdal