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Switzerland belong to the most beautiful countries in the world with some amazing waterfalls. Tourists come from all over the world to visit the mountains and glaciers. Both, a guarantee for powerful waterfalls.

But how to determine what the most beautiful waterfall of Switzerland is? I think it is a personal opinion but still my "top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland" only consist out of tremendous waterfalls. All of them with their own beauty and their own amazing characteristics

Nr 1 most beautiful waterfall in Switzerland:
Engstligenfälle ****

Although I only visited the Engstligenfälle once, they did something to me. We were lucky, the weather was great and flowers were full in bloom. The flow rate of the river Engstligenbach was tremendous and I made some amazing pictures. I think the Engstligenfälle is an underrated waterfall. Click on one of the pictures to get detailed information about the waterfall.


2. Rheinfall ****

Schaffhausen, Schaffhausen


3. Staubbachfall ****

Lauterbrunnen, Berner Oberland


4. Giessbachfälle ****

Brienz, Berner Oberland

5. Trümmelbachfälle ****

Lauterbrunnen, Berner Oberland

6. Pochtenfall ****

Kiental, Berner Oberland

Seerenbachfälle - Walensee

8. Seerenbachfälle ****

Walensee, St Gallen


9. Reichenbachfall ****

Meiringen, Berner Oberland

Rosenlauischlucht wasserfall

10.Rosenlauischlucht wasserfall ****

Meiringen, Berner Oberland