Highest waterfall in Norway

Choosing a highest waterfall in Norway is very difficult. There are so many potential “highest waterfall in Norway” but there is not always an objective measurement possible. Height is measured from an online map and that is not always very accurate or the situation on location is different then expected. Nevertheless I made a list with the highest waterfall in Norway. If you have suggestions or do you think otherwise, please send me an email!

1. Strupenfossen – Myklebust – Norway: 840 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: Strupenfossen
The Strupenfossen is a little bit a disputable waterfall regarding the height. When surveying the map, the river Insteelva keeps on falling with a height difference of 855 meters or even more.

Also the Strupenfossen isn’t a very powerful waterfall but is yet unique in its shape. The river Insteelve isn’t a single stream but drops down in multiple tiny stream.

In summertime the Strupenfossen must be on its best because it is fed by a big glacier called Myklebustbreen. In summertime the amount of ice melting down from the glacier is on its maximum.

The Strupenfossen is located in an area with a lot of rainfall. Most of the time Strupenfossen is covered with clouds. On the photo of the Strupenfossen, the waterfall is partially visible.

2. Mongefossen – Marstein (Rauma) – Norway: 774 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: Mongefossen
The Mongefossen is situated in the Raumadalen, near Marstein which is part of the municipality Rauma in the area Sogn og Fjordane. The waterfall is fed by the Mongevatnet on an altitude of 913 meters.

The Mongefossen keeps on falling down until it ends after 774 meters. One of the biggest drops in Norway.

Unfortunately the Mongefossen is a regulated waterfall and the amount of water in the river Mongeelva is highly reduced.

3. Balåifossen – Osafjorden – Norway: 800 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: BalåifossenBalåifossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway and is situated six kilometers south of Osa, on the east side of the Osafjorden, in the municiplaity Ulvik. When Driving on the FV300 to/from Ulvik you can see the Balåifossen on the other end of the Fjord. The pictures are taken from a distance when driving to Ulvik on the R572.

The water of the river Balåi drops down over 800 meters and ends in the Osafjorden. The river Balåi is fed by meltingwater of the Kyrelvfjellet with a small glacier called Onen (on an altitude of 1600 meters) and a large lake called Langvatnet.

Coming nearer to the Balåifossen you will notice that there is more water in the river Balåi then expected. I have seen pictures from the top of the Balåifossen, so probably there is a trail running parallel with the Osafjorden.

4. Vinnufjellfossen – Sunndalsøra – Norway: 800 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: Vinnufjellfossen

According to several lists on the Internet the Vinnufjellfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in the world: number 6 according to Wikipedia. You can’t see the top of the fall on the photo’s but I am still a little bit sceptic if it is really the highest waterfall in Norway. But who am I to doubt?

I am not sure if the first two waterfalls are the Vinnufjellfossen, but according to the time stamp it was taken within 2 minutes of the other photo’s. It is to lang ago to remember but it could be taken from another spot.

5. Kjelfossen – Gudvangen – Norway: 755 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: Kjellfossen

Kjelfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway, located in Gudvangen/Aurland, just in front of the tunnel at the Shell station and can be viewed from road E16. You also have a good view from Gudvangen camping site. With an overall height of 755 meters the Kjelfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway or even in the world. The tallest single drop is 149 meters.

When viewing the fall you will notice three major streams. According to the map the left one is the real Kjellfossen (with the biggest stream), but in general all falls together are mentioned as the Kjelfossen. The Kjelfossen is also called Kjelsfossen or Kjelfoss and is an official named waterfall.

Other potential highest waterfall in Norway

(but needs a survey)

?. Rangåafossen – Flatmark (Rauma) – Norway: 920 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: RangaafossenIt is difficult to say what is a waterfall. On the picture you can see the river Rangåa falling down from a small lake on an altitude of 1.126 meter. Almost directly the water drops down to an altitude of 200 meter.

After some map research I must say the Rangåafossen (Flatmark) is the highest waterfall with a total drop of 920 meters.

The Rangåafossen isn’t very impressive and you can’t see the Rangåafossen in its total shape but the height is unique and makes the Rangåafossen the highest waterfall in Norway.

?. Kvannkorsfossen – Hardangerfjord – Norway: 920 meters

Highest waterfall Norway: KvannkorsfossenThe Kvannskorfossen itself are situated on an altitude of 800 meters. From there the water of the river Svinaskreda plunges down, almost vertical, over 200 meters. From there the water still keeps falling until it ends in the Sorfjorden. When counting in the lower part, the fall is over 800 meters high.

When visiting the region of Odda/Ullensvang I did not exactly located this waterfall. There were so many waterstreams falling down the mountains that it was the question “which one is a waterfall?” The Kvannskorfossen didn’t made any impression on me but is an official named waterfall at the Sorfjorden, opposite of Ullensvang.