Highest waterfall in Austria

Choosing a highest waterfall in Austria is very difficult. There are so many potential “highest waterfall in Austria” but there is not always an objective measurement possible. Height is measured from an online map and that is not always very accurate or the situation on location is different then expected. Nevertheless I made a list with the highest waterfall in Austria. If you have suggestions or do you think otherwise, please send me an email!


1. Walcher wasserfall – Ferleiten – Austria: 520 meters

Highest waterfall Austria: Walcher wasserfallThe Walcher wasserfall is an unknown waterfall, but official named waterfall near Ferleiten. Surveying the map, the river Walcherbach has a total drop of 520 meters or even more.

From the Walcher Hochalm, at an altitude of 1.853 m, the Walcher wasserfall starts falling until it flows in the Fuscher Ache an altitude of 1.130 m. The last part is flat, so the total height is 520 meters.

Best time to visit the Walcher wasserfall is early summer/summer with warm weather. The highest waterfall in Austria is being fed by a small glacier, the Walcher Kees and a small lake Stauesee Wasserfallboden.

The Walcher wasserfall is part of the National park Hohe Tauern, an area with the biggest and most impressive waterfall is Austria.

From Ferleiten a special signed trail called “wasserfallerlebnisweg” runs along the river Walcherbach .

2. Seebachfall – Sulzau – Austria: 480 meters

Second Highest waterfall Austria: SeebachfallThe Seebachfall, an official named waterfall in the Obersulzbachtal, is the second highest waterfall in Austria with a total drop of 480 meters.

The Seebachfall is located in the Obersulzbachtal near Sulzau and is also part of the National park Hohe Tauern. The Obersulzbachtal is a perfect place for chasing waterfalls with several great and powerful waterfalls.

The Seebachfall is being fed by melted water from the Seebachsee at an altitude of 2.083 meters. Best time to visit the Seebachfall is early summer/summer with warm weather.

Although the Seebachfall isn’t as impressive as the Krimmler Wasserfälle, one look at the Seebachfall is enough to see this is the second highest waterfall in Austria with quit a respectable volume.

3. Krimmler Wasserfälle – Krimml – Austria: 380 meters

Third Highest waterfall Austria: Krimmler WasserfälleThe Krimmler Wasserfälle is the third highest waterfall in Austria with  a total height of 380 meters and is also one of the most impressive waterfall in Europe.

The Krimmler Wasserfälle originates from the Krimmler Ache which falls down at the end of the high Krimmle rAchendal in three phases. The upper stage of the Krimmler Wasserfälle has a drop of 140 meters, the middle drop of the Krimmler Wasserfälle is 100 meters high and the lowest drop of the Krimmler Wasserfälle has a fall of 140 meters.

The Krimmler Wasserfälle is located near the village of Krimml in Austria, also in National Park Hohe Tauern.

Best time to visit the Krimmler Wasserfälle is early summer/summer with warm weather. The Krimmler Ache river is a glacial stream where the amount of water varies much. In June and July flows 5.6 m³/s of water through the Krimmler Wasserfälle.

4. KLEINBACHFALL – HINTERBICHL – Austria: 360 meters

Fourth Highest waterfall Austria: Kleinbachfall

The Kleinbachfall is a huge waterfall, the fourth highest waterfall in Austria, with a total drop of 360 meters.

The Kleinbachfal is being fed with melted snow of several mountains in the Kleinbachtal. The last part of the river Kleinbach is almost vertically and that is where the Kleinbachfall drops down over 360 meter. On pictures it even looks more.

The Kleinbachfall is located in the Umbaltal near the town Hinterbichl in the region Tirol, Austria. The Umbaltal is part of the National park Hohe Tauern with its many high waterfalls.

The Kleinbachfall is already visible from a far distance when walking to the Umbalfalle, another great waterfall.

5. Bergaichter Wasserfall – Tannheim – Austria: 260 meters

Fifth Highest waterfall Austria: Bergaichter wasserfall

The Bergaichter wasserfall seems not that high, but looking closer on pictures and surveying a map,the Bergaichter wasserfall is really very tall. The total drop of the Bergaichter wasserfall is 260 meters and that is the fifth highest waterfall in Austria. There  are  a few other waterfalls close to his height but for the time being the Bergaichter wasserfall stands on number 5.

The Bergaichter wasserfall is being fed by melted snow and a small lake on the mountainside. I think the Bergaichter wasserfall is only visible early in the season and the best time to visit the fifth highest waterfall of Austria is in Springtime, maybe early summer.

The Bergaichter wasserfall is located near Tannheim and the Vilalpsee on the border with Germany.

Not the most impressive waterfall in Austria, though yet the fifth highest waterfall of Austria.